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Unblock websites using our highly anonymous web proxy server. We will change your IP address to a new American (USA) IP to make it look as if you are situated in the United States.

Having an american IP address will give you regional access to american services such as netflix and many others without the use of complicated insecure VPN's and most importantly monthly fee's as our services is completely free.

Using our free proxy service couldnt be easier you tell us which website you want to visit and one of our 3 highly anonymous proxy servers will handle the request instantly fetching the website and content then returning it to you without leaving our website. This is by far the safest form of proxy as it will not even show up on your internet history as we encode all the URLS as base64 meaning no1 can easily read what website you are currently on.

Using our site you can Unblock Youtube, Unblock Facebook, Unblock Myspace, Unblock Twitter, Unblock Game Sites, Unblock Torrent Sites and so much more. Why use a restricted internet when you can have the world at your finger tips.

Remember this service is completely free and will work in all schools, offices and homes. Share it with your friends and family as we rely on donations and advertising to keep us online.

    Free Proxy Facts
  • SSL/HTTPS. Always use a web proxy that has an active SSL certificate. This will ensure your data is encrypted and nothing can be intercepted or logged between you and the proxified webiste.
  • Privacy. Web proxy sites are well known for keeping personal information safe and secure although they may not be 100% perfect they do a good job of changing your IP address and allowing you to unblock websites.
  • New Proxy Sites. In our opinion you are more like to stay anonymous online if you use a new proxy site every day. You can get access to freshly created sites from here: Web Proxy List

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